Lagosians and Entertainment – A Strong Bond | Entertainment

Lagos state, once tagged as “The Home of Aquatic splendour” but now referred to as “The Centre of Excellence” plays home to Nine Million multi-ethnic based people. A controversial figure declared by the National Population Commission, based on the census conducted in March 2006, and vehemently opposed to by the Lagos state government. The city nests thousands of residential and non-residential buildings, scattered across its beautiful unmastered planned landscape, which Governor Fashola is fighting to transform into a “Mega city”. Declared as the hub of economic activities in the Nation, the state has also added another feather to its cap by uncontroversially clinching the title as “The hub of Entertainment”, beating the other 35 states to it.The Nigerian Music and Movie Industries which are firmly rooted in the state’s soil, still tap from the economic and social resourceful nutrients which abound on a mega scale. They have over time matured into Iroko trees, spreading their branches internationally, and invariably act as canopies for wary talented individuals, who gladly sit under the economic shade of the industries, enjoying the protective cooling effect from the unbearable scorching financial heat. Dance shoots have sprouted above the soil and have instinctively bent towards the sunlight of entertainment, while Comedy is steadily growing.Lagosians generally love to have a good time and always look forward to the end of the working week, and declare “Thank God, it’s Friday”. The time to unwind, hang out with friends and loved ones, attend numerous shows flung right in our faces majorly through the TV and in other cases via the Radio. Musical concerts/promenade shows, stand up comedy shows, Theatrical performances, family and children inclined events, organized by individuals and various corporate bodies within and outside the industry lock horns in an advertorial battle during the week to tactically gain the coins we part with at the end of the day. “There’s no money in the country” is the usual boring phrase one hears frequently, but despite this constant untrue declaration, entertainment spots are never de-bee hived, as Lagosians are bent on having fun no matter the price tag attached to it.

The irony of such a ‘fun loving attitude’ is tragically projected during charitable clarion calls, when donations to help the poor, weak, displaced, orphaned, widows and generally the less privileged in the society are made. The financial response seems to be anchored on the low side, but a call to have fun for thousands of Naira, sees Lagosians scampering to the venue, after all they insist they’re having value for their money!. Business moguls aware of the lucrative market entertainment is fast yielding are busy building, acquiring, expanding and renovating premises and adding exquisite interior and state of the art facilities, with a view to clinching the title as “The preferred venue”, for the occasion, laying to rest the prior display of indecisiveness adopted by organizers of various events.The night crawling rate has declined over the years rapidly, following the successive crime rates perpetuated by men of the underworld, amidst a mental projection of their safety and the devastating effect it could have on their loved ones. Unfortunately, the heady ones who defy the laws of the night attend a blind dating game with death, while a minute fraction escape from the dare devils or unforeseen potentially life claiming incidents by a hair’s breath. Age is certainly no barrier in the ‘fun catalogue’ as a thousand and one events centre, entertainment spots gladly extend their arms to embrace their guests irrespective of gender, tribe, and educational background. The unappealing parallel social strata which systematically places a large unwarranted deep gulf between the upper and lower class, some times painfully dictates the places both classes can visit to have fun.Public holidays offer memorable platforms for the families, friends and loved ones to have fun, the prominent ones ranging from the Easter, Christmas, Edil kabir to Children’s, Workers, Independence day and New year’s day celebrations organized by a few TV stations such as Television Continental(TVC), Lagos Television(LTV), NTA 10 and other Corporate bodies. “The Silver Bird Galleria”, “Nu Metro”, “Genesis Deluxe”, City Mall cinemas, offers a wide range of genres of exciting movies to watch especially from Hollywood ranging from action, comedy, family, romance, thriller, science fiction, crime, to adventure, suspense, musical, fantasy, horror, guaranteed to keep your eyes fixed on the gigantic screen till the closing credits roll.

Stand up comedy has taken its pride of place in the entertainment spheres with comedians reeling out rib cracking jokes to lovers of comedy. Regular shows by various A-list comedians are held at different times of the year such as “Basket Mouth uncensored”, “A.Y live”, “Crack your ribs”, “Live n Naked”. Other highly rated comedians such as Koffi, Owen – Gee, Teju baby face have also towed the path with the pioneer stand up comedy show “Nite of a Thousand laughs” bringing various comedians together under one roof. “Stand up Nigeria” by Bumi Davies, provides a comedial platform while A.Y’S “Open mic night competition” discovers talented celebrity want to be comedians who also entertain the crowd. The beaches such as “Lekki, Eleko Coconut, Alpha, Kuramo, Akodo beaches, whispering palm, Tarkwa Bay”, plays host to enthusiastic fun seekers.One thing is crystal clear, that though money is a veritable tool in the fun quest especially one with class and style, Lagosians however remain undaunted, strategically powering alternative mediums to have fun. Lagosians are poised to show case to the world the entertainment side of life and as our able governor constantly declares “Eko oni baje o!”So long… [email protected]

The Legal Environments | Legal

Firms, as societal entities, operate in particular economic, political, and legal environments. The legal environment is a result of legislative intervention by the government (state) and the positive practices that are recognized and sanctioned by the positive law. Historically, the legal environment has usually been nationally defined, although scholars have tried to group legal systems into various groups, based on their similarities and dissimilarities.A student of this topic would usually argue that there are two basic groups of legal systems, which traditionally have been opposed: the Anglo-Saxon (Anglo-American) model and the continental European law. However, although both main systems of law may have their distinctive features listed, in fact there are far too many convergences in recent times. In the past the common law (Anglo-Saxon) model would be predominantly based on the precedents, and the continental European law would be primarily based on the codifications.But, there is ever-increasing legislative activity in the Anglo-Saxon countries, with a number of codifications taking place as judiciary may uphold the consistency of court practice. In either system, a judge may take a stance to create a precedent, but the sources of precedent would differ significantly. Growing empirical literature has attempted to prove the overall superiority of the Anglo-Saxon model. Although it is evident that economies of Anglo-Saxon countries may be doing comparatively better than the others in the long run, it is not empirically corroborated that the growth sustained over a period of time may be directly attributed to the features of the legal system (legal environment).Legal systems, although they may be classified into larger groups, are basically heavily influenced by national colors and experiences of legal development, especially in revolutionary environments (when there is abrupt change in the development). Scholars studying legal environments would focus more, nowadays, on judiciary independence from the state and the politicians. It is believed that if the judiciary protects consistently property rights, even from the state, the results of development will be better, and in the case-law system, judges historically have been more prone to uphold the sanctity of private property rights.

Ex post judging is far better in responding to local information, rather than the application of abstract law, regulating the principles. However, increasingly the common law countries are resorting to promulgating laws and codices, in order to better capture different areas of law. In the United States, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is probably the best example. The growth in legislative activity may also be seen as a sign of upcoming struggle between judiciary and legislative power for predominant societal influence. Most recently the discussion on “political delegation” would suggest that it is necessary to subsume, at least formally, all institutions of the state to the highest democratically elected body in the country (assembly, parliament, etc.), although that body is controlled exclusively by the politicians.The literature has also defined a common law system as one in which judges exercise discretion to decide cases in independent and/or adaptive lawmaking ways, while in continental European countries the state would control judicial outcomes and the content of law as well. The basic premise of change between the two wider legal groups has been the perception as to what extent the judicial practice may influence the future legal decision taken by the court. It is a fact that in Anglo-Saxon countries precedents are a source of law and they have to be regarded in the future when the act is required in a similar situation. However, although in the continental European legal system judiciary practice is not a formal source of law, judges take into consideration the prior practice in order to ensure consistency in acting in the court and the country.In comparative law, the literature is quite often focused on a set of five parameters, like (1) judicial incentives; (2) exogenous legal human capital; (3) the processing of litigant information into judicial error-reducing legal human capital; (4) the cost of producing evidence and legal arguments; and (5) the penalties (damages) levied in adjudication. Judicial incentives may be influenced by the way their independence is defined. Often in the analysis judicial independence features highly, especially as it is believed to be an important feature of the Anglo-Saxon model, which contributed to its better results. In the U.S. model, over 80 percent of serving judges are subject to some kind of election, reelection, or recall voting.But even in the United States the upper echelons of judiciary are dependent on politicians who decide on their promotion to the highest offices. Similarly, in the continental European countries, the government may have a strong say in appointment of judges, especially in the case of higher courts. However, the very path of professional progression differs between European (especially French) and U.S. judges. In Europe, judges are often career civil servants, who have opted for the judiciary profession almost immediately upon graduation from the university; in the United States, judges are appointed from among practicing lawyers who have had more than 10 years of professional experience.Comparative analysis of independence has shown more than a puzzle-judges should be independent, but the question is from whom? And, if one is independent, does it mean that he or she is also unbiased (objective)? Often it is assumed that judges, if not appointed by the government directly, will be critical of the government and look at the breaking of law made by the government in an unbiased manner. However, empirical research does not corroborate this claim. Some judges are more independent and unbiased in the way they operate than others, but it cannot be generalized as to what contributes to that. Another important feature is the relationship between precedents and statutes.

Anglo-Saxon law is believed to be based on a set of more or less harmonious precedents (stare decisis), while the continental European legal practices are based on the interpretation of law and the application of the abstract legal (statutory) rule to a concrete situation. However, even in the latter case there is a high level of consistency in judiciary practices, as the higher courts have the right of cassation and therefore for the performance of judges it is important that their decisions not be annulled and/or modified by the higher court. Therefore, even in the continental European legal systems, court practices are consistent, that is, jurisprudence constante.At the far end, the issue is primarily behavioral-whether the judges will be expansive or rather conservative (narrow) in their apprehension of laws. Some recent empirical research has clearly shown consistency of judicial behavior across various systems. However, de jure legal practice is not a formal source of law in continental European legal systems, but, as already pointed out, will be seriously considered in the process of application of law. In both systems the vast majority of judges will opt not to rock the boat.

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